Bob's Sonar Music Demos

Bob's Sonar Music Demos

"Surfin' Tragedy"
Mellower surfin' from The Sentinels, 1963
updated 06/20/21

"Nobody Could"
a Squid song, circa 1974
© 1974 de Rafols, de Rafols & Hardy
updated 06/20/21

"Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying"
a Gerry and the Pacemakers song
updated 11/12/2019

"Mercy, Mercy"
a Don Convay song, inspired by the Rolling Stones cover version
updated 11/12/2019

"When You Walk In The Room"
written by Jackie DeShannon and made famous by the Searchers
updated 11/12/2019

"Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah"
an ancient oldie, revived by Bonzo Dog Band in 1969, and now by me
updated 04/01/19

"I Can't Be With You"
a Cranberries song
updated 10/08/20

"Back Home To Space"
featuring Melody on vocals, a new mix of one of my old songs
updated 05/28/18

"Black Adder Blues"
in honor of the venerable British TV favorite
updated 07/08/18

a surf-era classic revived
updated 03/25/20

"Eleventh Hour"
Originally by The Ventures
updated 04/24/21

"Journey To The Stars"
Also originally by The Ventures, but more upbeat!
updated 08/17/16

"Coconut Grove"
Classic Lovin' Spoonful remembered
updated 04/07/20

"Mad World"
Originally by Tears for Fears, by way of the soundtrack from "Donnie Darko"
updated 11/12/2019

"007 Theme / Secret Agent Man"
With thanks to James Bond and Johnny Rivers
updated 11/30/10

"March of the Wooden Soldiers"
from the Nutcracker Suite
updated 11/12/2019

"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
covering the Bob Dylan hit
updated 04/04/20

"Eternity Road"
With apologies to Larry Baird and a deep bow to Ray Thomas and the Moody Blues
updated 08/11/19

"Whiskey Man"
An affectionate salute to John Entwistle, Keith Moon and the Who
updated 03/27/21

"My Boy Lollipop"
Hats off to Little Millie Small!
updated 11/12/2019

"More / Telstar medley"
A tribute to Kai Winding and the Tornados (separately - but not anymore!)
updated 04/04/20

A tribute the Chantays, who inspired me to take up the guitar
updated 07/28/19

"Surf Rider (Spudnik)"
Another affectionate cover of a song written by The Ventures
and made popular by The Lively Ones
updated 04/01/21

"Walk Don't Run '64"
The only song recorded by The Ventures that was a major hit twice!
updated 03/27/21

One of the earliest "surf" hits, originally by The Champs
updated 08/11/19

"Music To Watch Girls Surfin' By"
A surfy version of the monster '60s hit by The Bob Crewe Generation
updated 03/02/19

Shocking Blue's '60s hit, later a hit again for Bananarama
updated 08/11/19

"Diamond Head"
Another hit from The Ventures
updated 06/20/21

"My Girl"
Smash '60s hit by The Temptations
updated 04/02/19

"Up On The Roof"
Another '60s hit, originally from The Drifters
updated 11/12/2019

"Under The Boardwalk"
Another hit from The Drifters
updated 08/11/19

"The Creeper"
Yet another one from The Ventures, not a hit single but an album track
updated 01/21/21

Paul McCartney's album track from the White Album ("The Beatles")
updated 12/26/14

Early surf hit by The Astronauts
updated 07/20/20